“I felt like I could always get help from the teacher and I enjoyed reading her comments on the assignments I submitted. At the beginning, I was afraid I was just there by myself. I soon found out that I was guided all the way from the beginning. The teacher constantly checked with me to see whether I needed any help or had any questions with the content and assignments. I seldom felt this much strong connection with a teacher in a classroom. It was a wonderful experience!” ??

-Alice, Student


“My study at COA changed my definition of overseas education. I feel much more prepared for university life and have a clearer idea of what I want to study.”

-Christina, Student?


“I gained SO much from the discussion forum! Reading threads from other students definitely deepened my understanding about the course content!”

?– ?Rafaela, Student


“I loved the guidance videos teacher provided for dropbox assignments. I always had problem following teacher’s requirement because sometimes it can be very brief and quick. It is so much different here in this course. Not only the instruction was very clear, the teacher also shot videos to give us some explanations and examples!”

-Anderson, Student


“The courses offered at COA were interesting and useful. It was the first time for me to attend online lectures by international teachers. It was amazing.”

-Jeffrey, Student


“I never expected online courses could be so fancy! We have education videos, online simulations, and some fun games too! I wish such courses can be available for all Ontario schools.” ????

-Rob, Student


“I would have attended courses at COA if there had been one ten years ago. It is a wonderful idea to make overseas education more accessible to students in China. It’s a great beginning.”

-Susan, Parent


“After taking courses at COA, my daughter had a better idea of studying abroad. She is now making plans for her future study. I am so happy for her. Thank you, COA.” ?

-Jason, Parent?


“COA provided our kids a good opportunity to pursue quality overseas education in a safe and easy way. We don’t have to go abroad, we don’t have to spend a large sum of money and we don’t have to worry too much…” ?

-Eric, Parent